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Currently On the Spine: When She Looked Back She Saw Darkness by Basim Magdy

issue 42 spine

issue 43 spineissue 44 spineissue 45 spineissue 46 spinePIPELINE issue 47 spine imageWhen She Looked Back She Saw Darkness, 2011-2014 departs from an image that questions our understanding of reality and its representation through the personal, the emotional and the inherent absurd. The indirect and ambiguous connection between the fragmented image on the spine of six issues of the magazine and the six individual images which will simultaneously appear inside the same six issues are a reflection of the complexity of reality through an investigation of the role tiny details play in our comprehension of events.

When She Looked Back She Saw Darkness by Basim Magdy, detail from an Impossible Project Print. Dimensions variable. 2011-2014.





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